AMAK Property & Development W.L.L.,  is an innovative real estate investment company dedicated to achieving economically sustainable returns through creating enduring value for shareholders with demand-driven investment approach.

VISION  To realize value potential.

MISSION With entrepreneurial vision and innovation, AMAK Property exists to initiate real estate developments which bring enduring value and sustainable prosperity to both our communities and to our shareholders.

Over the years we have established an undisputed reputation and have demonstrated high level of technical excellence in Bahrain.

 We have completed various jobs for Alba directly or through Sub Contracts. Other than Alba jobs we have completed various major projects for Government organizations, VIPs, high-level Clients / Consultants like BDF, Garmco, GPIC, GIIC, ABB, Automotive, MSCEB, GPZ, Nass Contracting, Modern Architect, E.K Kanoo and many others.

 We have well defined workshop handled by highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers and workmen.

Nakheel Centre

Nakheel Centre is a cosmopolitan outdoor mall in the heart of New Saar. The Centre is a three storey development with a total of 32 retail and service outlets, that includes shops, kids’ play areas and cafés and restaurants featuring spacious outdoor seating. This makes Nakheel Centre the ideal site for an every day all-inclusive family outing.