Gulf Educational Projects

Gulf Educational Projects is a Bahraini company. It was founded on August 3, 2004 to be a leading company in the field of education development inside the Kingdom of Bahrain and beyond. activity includes the provision of post-secondary non-tertiary and tertiary education, including granting of degrees at baccalaureate, graduate or post-graduate level where the requirement for admission is at least a high school diploma or equivalent general academic training.

Applied Science University (ASU)

ASU offers students eleven undergraduate programs and seven postgraduate programs through its colleges of Administrative Sciences, Arts & Science, and Law with an engineering college set to open in the near future. The University’s modern campus spans an area of 24,000 sq. meters. The campus offers state of the art amenities including the latest electronic technology in classrooms, design studios, lecture halls, computer labs, language and specialised laboratories, as well as a high-tech library and 320-seat lecture theatre. The Campus also boasts sporting facilities including tennis, handball, volleyball, and basketball and badminton courts.

The University enjoys academic partnerships with reputable higher educational institutions in the United Kingdom including London South Bank University and Cardiff University, an active member of the Association of Arab Universities, International Association of Universities and Association of Arab and European Universities.

The University’s vision stems from the analytical and statistical studies conducted by the University through which the requirements and objectives of the Bahraini community have been identified. The findings of our studies have clearly been reflected in the selection and introduction of modern educational programs that conform to the approach of education in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf region.

The University’s name represents its philosophy of higher education. The University believes that the academic theory must be closely related to practice and to serve as its mission in offering the best educational services that are compatible with the highest international quality systems practiced by well-established academic institutions. This has truly enabled us to enjoy a good reputation among universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad. Thanks to our reputation, we have been able to sign several academic agreements with established universities known for their strict observation of high academic standards in the selection of their faculty members and academic programs such as Moata University, with its civilian and military divisions. This certainly proves that the University enjoys the technical means, conditions and specifications expected by such a university for signing an academic partnership agreement. Given the University’s brief history, this is considered as a significant academic achievement.